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Movies I Watched in October

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Ice Age is getting its own blog entry but here's some other movies I watched:

I watched Lion King tonight so I'm gonna review that too.


This movie was.... interesting. It felt very hipster-ish I suppose. The movie's pace and space sequences were really fucking cool. I like how it doesn't glorify shit. I honestly dont have much of an opinion on this movie. I guess I recommend it. Is it even in theaters at the moment this movie fucking tanked.


This movie is some good shit. Has tons of laughs and I very much recommend it. I don't wanna spoil anything but go watch it. The bluray is cheap as fuck. Hell the mel brooks collection as a whole is pretty cheap.


It's Lion King, everything that has been said about this movie has already been said. It is really fucking good. I always forget how great it is until I re-watch it. The movie looks gorgeous on Blu-Ray (I'm used to watching the dvd or VHS lmao). Also neat little fact, the greedy disney men put most of the legacy special features on the digital version of the signature edition (diamond is long out of print). 


Look I legit spent a week watching Ice Age movies so that's gonna be a large blog post chunk. I really haven't watched that many movies in October. November has a lot of shit coming out:

Bohemian Rhapsody, Grinch, Wreck it ralph 2 and a marathon I will likely do eventually of something. I watched like half of happy feet that's why I didn't review it. I can possibly finish my Ice Age Reviews tonight.

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