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Predicting Pie Guy Rulz Opinions on Season 10



Yeah I'm doing this. I'm bored, so yeah I am gonna predict what are gonna be Pie Guy's opinions for his Every Episode of Season 10. I won't try and let my opinions twist the rankings. This will probably be a big waste of time.



All this episode amounts too is just Spongebob and Patrick playing with farting brains for 90% of the episode, and you get a forced plot for the rest. The gags basically amount to Spongebob and Patrick being idiots and ruining lives with their brains. Their are nice things in the episode, the Mrs Puff/Mr Krabs date scene is always welcome, though it kinda feels forced here, and I don't know why they would put it in this episode of all things. Maybe it's proof that they had such little ideas of the direction this episode to go. I guess people were hyped about the animation here in 2016, but now that countless Season 10 and 11 episodes have aired, the animation really isn't special anymore. I don't think Pie Guy will find it THAT bad, as it really is just harmless, but the episode lacks any substance to be worthwhile. I wouldn't be too surprised if he called it meh, though I would be very surprised if he did enjoy this.

Mermaid Pants-Good

Good episode, even if the beginning was way too obnoxious. Pie Guy is usually a sucker for Mermaid Man episodes, and this one captures the spirit completly, without feeling like a shallow imitation of the other Mermaid Man episodes. Once Krabs and Squidward enter the picture, the episode becomes good, with tons of nice jokes thrown in. Though there isn't that much conflict, and I don't know if the begining will ruin it for Pie Guy, I still think he will like this one, and would probably consider it one of the more solid episodes of Season 10.

Unreal Estate-Good

Like Mermaid Pants, the episode is solid, though this moreso than the former. Just a classic story of Squidward getting punished for all the bad things he does, and they don't do it in a cruel or unpleasent way. Spongebob seems innocous here, even in the beginning, though it is Squidward's fault that he left the window open 😝. The house finding scenes are something I feel like he would like as most of the jokes are original and generally funny. I especially think he will like the alternative intros. I guess he could call it meh for kinda having a similar premise to Home Sweet Pineapple, but this one takes it in a much different direction, so the similarities seem more intentioned, rather than it being a bland rip-off.

Code Yellow-Meh

Yeah, I don't think he will be quite as hard as everyone else is on this episode. While the structure is kinda eh, Spongebob is characteruzed properly here, and the episode does feel fun, all while moving at a steady pace. I doubt the gross out will play to much of a part in his rankings, as he wasn't that bothered by the toe nail scene. Other than that, the episode is mostly weak gags, but nothing too harmful here. I would not be surprised if he dropped the scum on this one, but this is one of my hot takes.

Mimic Madness-Good

You would have to be a mad man to not like this episode. A modern classic, and while how much he likes it is up to debate, it is still one of the more solid episodes of the last 3 years. Lot's of nice jokes, good job at bringing lot's of characters here, great animation, and a nice song to boot. The story is very entertaining, this is one that I predict wil be one of his favorites for the Season, eve if it is not number 1 (predictable, but I mean the cliche choice can sometimes be right).

House Worming-Meh

A very bland episode, most of the jokes were pretty predictable, the rave song, while cool at points, feels like it is trying to rip off Jellyfish Jam rather than being a homage, and just feeling utterly generic, I can't see him liking the episode. With that said, I think the short is enough to boost the episode from a scumbob to a meh. I'm still not entirely sure, but I think he will like the short enough to boost it up, even if he dislikes the main course.

Snooze You Lose-Scumbob

The episode feels very generic, like a bunch of episodes into a blender. The plot of Squidward having the tar beaten out of him has been done to death, and the episode isn't funny, besides the quick mutant sequence, and I guess the no dancing zone gaga. However, Spongebob and Patrick are presented here decently, which makes me question wether I should give it a meh, but I feel like the scum is going to be on this one for generally being unfunny.

Krusty Katering-Meh

The pacing is all over the place, and lots of jokes miss there mark, this is another one I don't quite think he will hate. The episode is by no means boring, and it has an energy other bad episodes don't have. The premise is entirley creative, and while the parts in the mansion can be tiring and obnoxious at times, other times the jokes can really hit their mark. The beginning is also fun and light hearted, so I can see it really boosting the episode up. I think he won't call it bad because it's more of having too much substance, rather than lack of substance, so I think he will be a bit nicer here than he will for Snooze You Lose.

Spongebob's Place-Scumbob

I don't know, the episode itself isn't really THAT bad, and I think that is something Pie Guy will comment on if he says the episode is bad, but it does have a lot of ideas thrown together again. While the concept of Krabs being jelous of Spongebob is an interesting angle to take the episode, I don't know how much it will make up for him how much elements this episode borrows. This is one of the reviews I am really interested in hearing.

Plankton Gets the Boot-Good

Save for the ending, the episode is really funny. While it does borrow from Single Cell Anniversery, an episode he called meh, and Mermaid Man 3, it takes it in an original light, while creating fun situational humor between Spongebob and Plankton, with Patrick and Karen adding to the humor. While it is not too fantastic of an episode, it is solid enough, and another episode I think Pie Guy will really like.

Life Insurence-Good

While I am not that fond of the episode, Pie Guy has stated many times how much he likes the formula used in the episode, and he could find the slapstick to be amusing here. Spongebob and Patrick are portrayed good here, and Squidward brings all the torment onto himself, like he does in the classic episodes. I easily can see this being meh, but I think he'll like it enough to call it a good.

Burst Your Bubble-Good

Decent enough, the concept is totally original, and it has decent jokes. It has been shown before that he doesn't mind if the episode is not funny if it has another hook (Chum Fricasse, Bubble Troubles, Lost in Bikini Bottom), and the story here is really string, and there are a fair amount of jokes. I expect this, if it does get a good, to be just barely, but I still think he will like it non the less.

Plankton Retires-Scumbob

He didn't like New Leaf, he won't like this. Maybe the robot twist ending will save it, probably not.

Trident Trouble-Meh

It depends on wether he finds the greek chorus funny or obnoxious. If he finds it amusing, I can easily seeing this being good, heck maybe one of the best of the Season. If he doesn't like it, this could be a meh or scumbob. Considering the mixed reception of this episode, it is very hard to see what he will think of it, but I think meh as more of a middle ground, rather than I think he will lean meh, since all 3 are possible.

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge-Good

This is another hot take of mine. While the episode isn't too amazing, I think he will like the structure of it, being more of little skits, rather than the episode relying too much on the jokes. The episode still has it's moments, such as the part in Plankon's lab, but overall it is just more of a nice adventure, rather than something too memorable. Can see it going meh, but I will lean good here.


Pretty boring, not too much excitment or interest here. The episodes just doesn't feel like doing anything besides staying in one spot. Pie guy will probably give the episode credit for at least putting characters in the proper places, but the episode is so empty feeling that I doubt he will even give it a meh. 

The Getaway-Good

This just fits right into what Pie Guy likes in a SPongebob episode. It's fast paced, high energy, has a great sense of humor, and 2 great guest stars pulling out a  great performence. He might even like that Mrs. Puff doesn't seem like such a monster here, and even goes to chase after Spongebob. Stickyfins and Dorsel Dan are 2 funny one off characters that pul off great performences, and there really isn't a dull moment due to it being a high energy car chase. Maybe I could see it being a meh if he really doesn't like the style, due to it being similar to Krusty Katering and Trident Trouble, but this one is able to take a breather, which allows the episode to flow better.

Lost and Found-Meh

The visuals are great, btu he will probably find the characters underdevolped, and I don't know if he will dig Squidward getting tortured as his type of humor. While Spongebob carries the story perfectly fine, he is likeable and fun, that goes for all the Season, so he really isn't that special here. He will think this is like a middle of the road Season 8 episode, just above due to the excellent eye candy present.

Patrick's Coupon-Scumbob

While I still stand by the episode not being that bad, he will probably find Patrick to be not enough to carry the episode. While I don't mind them, everyone else seems to have a problem witht the fight between Patrick and the other Patrick, so I can only assume that Pie Guy will not be thrilled about them either. The episode doens't have a lot of comedy, and it's saving grace is it's animation, something every other post sequel episode has going for it. While i still personally think he is going with meh, I'm just gonna guess scumbob here.

Out of the Picture-Good

Bar the hyper Krab rage at the end, the episode is one of the more solid ones for Season 10. Comedy aint half bad here, especially Squidward here, who by the way doesn't get hurt a single bit all you people comparing this to One Couse Meal. Krabs is a big monster here, but he gets his commupence, so it is better here than it could have been. The rest depends on wether he finds the rest of the episode funny, which I think he will, as everything else is there. 

Feral Friends-Good

Fantastic episode, my personal favorite for the Season. Everything works so well here, animation, comedy, Sandy as the lead, the jokes, it all falls under a great package. The Patchy stuff isn't too memorable, but at least it's tolerable here, compared to other segments (looks at Truth or Square). I really think he will love this one, and it will be one of his favorites for the Season.

Don't Wake Patrick-Meh

Underwhelming, but still alright. Not too much harmful here, even if it isn't too entertaining, but a couple of jokes do land. If he likes the jokes, I could see him giving it a good, but for now I will leave it at a meh.


10 Good episodes, 6 Meh episodes, 6 Scumbobs

Meh Season, though on the higher end. At least the Season was interesting to watch, even if it isn't completly good. About where he would be happy for the rest of the series to go on in terms of quality.


Recommended Comments

Good blog, but one thing I wanna mention: Pieguyrulz did say that he has a very unpopular opinion on Out of the Picture. So he'll probably either consider it the best or worst of the season, rather than just a good one.

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2 hours ago, hippythehippo said:

Wtf is your profile

If you're talking about Slug's avatar, I was wondering the same thing lmao


Edit: I think it's from this 


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Here are my final predictions for the video. I guess we'll officially see how right (or wrong) I was Saturday.

WhirlyBrains- ScumBob
MermaidPants- Good
Unreal Estate- Good
Code Yellow- Meh
Mimic Madness- Good (Or at least I hope so, him giving this one a meh or below would be OUTRAGEOUS!)
House Worming- Meh
Snooze You Lose- Meh
Krusty Katering- Good
SpongeBob's Place- Meh
Plankton Gets the Boot- Meh
Life Insurance- Good
Burst Your Bubble- Good
Plankton Retires- ScumBob (Given his review on New Leaf, I'm pretty confident he'll hate this one)
Trident Trouble- Meh
The Incredible Shrinking Sponge- ScumBob
Sportz?- Despite how infamous this episode is, I could honestly see Pieguy going any direction on this one. I'm gonna guess Meh, but if I'm wrong I really won't be surprised.
The Getaway- Good
Lost and Found- Good
Patrick's Coupon- Meh
Out of the Picture- ScumBob (I'm REALLY looking forward to this review, partially because this is my least favorite Season 10 episode, and also because Pieguy said he had an "outrageous" opinion of this episode on Twitter. This review shall be VERY interesting!)
Feral Friends- Good
Don't Wake Patrick- Meh

Good: 9
Meh: 9
ScumBob: 4

I'm predicting that this will get a high Meh, for various reasons. Namely due to how different and experimental this season was and also purely due to how much SpongeBob Pieguy has seen. If Pieguy enjoys the good episodes enough then there's still a small chance he could call this season good, but honestly, I'm not really holding my breath for that possibility.


Edited by SpongeNicko

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Well, only 7 out of 22 of my predictions were actually right. Not very surprised given how divided this season seems to be, but I still enjoyed the video.

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There were several opinions that I disagreed with, but overall I enjoyed the video. At the very least Pieguy gave understandable reasons for his feelings on these episodes.

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Looking back, these predictions were garbage. I was a fool for not thinking Pie Guy would enjoy masterpieces like Sportz and Krusty Katering, and destroy The Getaway for being a rip off and Unreal Estate for having a terrible ending.

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Pretty boring, not too much excitment or interest here. The episodes just doesn't feel like doing anything besides staying in one spot. Pie guy will probably give the episode credit for at least putting characters in the proper places, but the episode is so empty feeling that I doubt he will even give it a meh. "



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