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Why I Like Wendy

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Wendy the Witch


Okay, this is something I'm sure most (if not all) of you have been wondering about ever since I got on my new kick: why exactly do I love that good little witch Wendy so much? Why do I care so much about this somewhat obscure comic book character who's suffered from underexposure for quite some time, and whose best friend has been the one getting all the attention? I was asked this once, and I answered "because she's cute". But, as you might imagine, there's a lot more to why I like this character, even though her fashion sense is confusing to this 16-year old comic geek's eyes (still can't figure out if that's supposed to be a hood or a hat she always wears!), and in this post, I will give you several reasons why. 

1Her and Casper: the quintessential best friends in my honest opinion.

I've always considered Casper and Wendy to be the ultimate best friends, in any media, ever. Never have I seen a "with friends like these, who needs enemies?" moment from them, much unlike Drake and Josh, who had a huge amount of those over the span of 4 seasons, although they still had a decent amount of "hug me, brotha!" going on. Wendy and Casper, however, you never see any of that going on with them. Think about it: they're pretty much made for each other, as they both have a desire to go good, much to the eternal chagrin of their guardians, who want 'em to act like the stereotypical ghost or witch (try all they might, but it's never gonna happen- permanently, that is!!), and it helps that they don't have a little sister obsessed with pranking them day in/day out, either.

2.  You gotta admire how she uses her magic.

I've always admired the way ol' Wendy uses her magic for good, instead of evil. Instead of turning helpless whatever into a frog, simply for the heck of it, she's busy using the powers of her magic wand to help others. Seriously, I often envy the things she does with magic, nuff said. (Plus, don't we all wish we could just poof our way or fly a broom from point A to point B?)

3. She's just so darn cute.

Even though her fashion sense is confusing (as I previously mentioned), I still find Wendy to be utterly irresistable. Literally everything about her screams "cute": her big blue eyes, her beautiful blonde hair (even though you never see most of it due to her hood... hat... thingy being worn over it), even her little nose. Never have I seen a cartoon character cuter than Wendy, ever.

So, there you have it, folks, why I like Wendy so much. I'd write more, but I gotta go shortly. 'bye!


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