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My Alternative Songs Thing (Covering new songs from 4/22/17 to 5/13/17)

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Don't Take the Money - Bleachers

I really enjoyed I Wanna Get Better when I first tuned into alt-rock stations, with Rollercoaster being a good followup.

And... I'm starting to question how much my memories from the early days are biased against short-term nostalgia, because wow is this blaaaaaaaaaand.

In addition, what's with this goddamn bridge melody


will we fIGHT, stay up lATE

in my drEAMS i'm to blAME

different sIDES of the bED

roll your eYES  shave my hEAD

that's just annoying man

We Got the Power - Gorillaz

no offense Nugs but I don't even need to listen to Revival to know that Humanz is a million times better than even the "best" song offa that Hopsin-level sheat

immature and unnecessary poke aside, of course the weakest single of the original four was the one that charted!

Gotta say that while still acknowledging it's very definitely not a bad song. It has the workings of a great ending track to the album... but it also ends before it feels like it reaches it's climax and Jehnny Beth is not a particularly exceptional backup singer. The reception Humanz in general is very undeserved, but... this is the single that charts? Not Ascension or Andromeda? Have Gorillaz transcended the radio since the album debuted at #2 and this peaked at #38? If Buzz Lightyear thinks he's a human, why doesn't he try to talk to Andy?

Is it a bright idea to repeat an already used template?

She Said - Sundara Kurma

This is the primary reason I've wanted to check this thing out - to see if there actually are good tunes and the radio stations just refuse to push them higher than the 30s place.

Yeah, this is another great song! It saddens me to think of the djs faking enthusiasm for Believer has gotten while this just lingers near the end of the chart.


Jungle - Tash Sultana

And also the songs that stay in the 30s also house the most "these are songs, alright" songs I've ever heard.

So no, it's not a tribute to my favorite music genre of all time :(((((


Hard Times - Paramore

I'm tempted to call this a fluke, considering... this isn't alternative. This is 100% pure pop. Paramore's older material, you can make a strong argument for, but not so much with this?

not that i don't like this song because i do and think it's another contender for my best of the year list!!!!!!!!

Goodbye Angels - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Okay, unlike last time where they did something dumb and ass, they actually pull off a good number here. You can tell Danger Mouse's fingerprints were on this. Don't feel tempted to check out the album (although I said before I tend to have some sort of bias against post-One Hot Minute RHCP anyway), but compared to a lot of other things in the chart, I'll take it.

Howl - Billy Clyro

A lost reminiscence of the garage rock revival of the 2000's, it seems. If you're wondering why I haven't started to talk about the "X the Y" names, that's because I remember that time period where every band playing that style began with "The" a lot of the time. Every. Fucking. Band. Not this one obviously, but mostly everyone else.

wait isn't that a general thing for rock bands, what the fuck am i typing delete this shit please

Anyway, good song, dumb video.

Set on Fire - Magic Giant

jesus christ i'm afraid judah and the lion set off a nasty trend of BANJO



Lights Out - Royal Blood

I fucking loved Royal Blood when they first broke through with Little Monster and Figure it Out, so much that the self-titled album remains the only album I listened to because the radio promoted it. (and it's good... baring a bit of frontloading with the track listing... and also the fact that Death from Above 1979 do this garagey-bass+drum-two-man-lineup thing much better... but it's still good, mind you!)

This is adequate. Fine. You could say it reminds me of the average side of the first album. The problem is, I kind of expect more from them from such an uninteresting year? Eh.


The Violence - Rise Against

so i was literally planning to go to sleep for one of my writing nights and this suddenly came on wtf

It's refreshing to hear a song this energetic pop up... but I also care little for Rise Against, Like the Angel and Give it All notwithstanding. So, snooze off I guess.

Help - Papa Roach


Now, Linkin Park's transition to pop... is still confusing, but I can start to see why considering the competition?

Although that's not my main point. That point is;


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Recommended Comments

I think the better question is how did Papa Roach get a song on the Alternative chart in 2017? Then again, they're not the only 2000s post-grunge leftover that charted that year.

Very good review, one thing I disagree on though is "Don't Take the Money," which I felt at least had the energy and passion that Jack had with his previous Bleachers album.

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Might as well also insert my two cents on Rise Against. I can't really deny that they follow an incredibly strict formula, but it's not bad in a disposable kind of fashion. I'd say they're the type of band in which the bulk of their charm comes from their lyrical content and melodic structures. I do like "The Violence," but there are far better songs from the band.

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No offense dude, but I'd like to know more than just some blanket statements. I never said Rise Against were a spectacular band and/or on the same level as the bands that they're influenced by and I didn't say you should look into the band more.

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I'm sorry I don't think I need to justify not caring for a mediocre band that never seeks to evolve their sound or do anything interesting, when there are bands from then and now that I would much prefer to listen to that cover the same topics with more bite and passion. 

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Rise Against's consistency and comparisons towards Rage Against are such common generalizations to me in the similar vein to say...Muse being Radiohead lite. I just ended up making a mountain out of a molehill from that, so I apologize for the way I acted.

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lets be fair tho rage against the machine is fucking great and are better than Rise Against (even though I'm fine with them) :funny: 

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