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My Personal Memories With Shugo Chara In Fifth Grade

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Hey, it's Ryan back with the first edition of Shugo Chara Month! Well, months, but who really cares. Sorry it took this long to write my first entry. School has been stressing me out recently and I've been pretty preoccupied. Expect to see these blog entries mostly on the weekends. But anyways, today, I want to talk about some of my personal memories with Shugo Chara.


The first memory dates back to the fifth grade, where most of these come from. I remember in fifth grade, well, actually all of elementary school, we had a time for independent reading. I remember hating it due to it being boring and I also remember specifically in the fifth grade it was RIGHT BEFORE RECESS, so that was daunting over you the entire period. Man, on a side note I can't believe it's been FIVE YEARS SINCE FIFTH GRADE FOR ME, but anyway that's for another time. Anyway, I have two specific stories from independent reading involving Shugo Chara. My first one is when I was in fifth grade, I used some paper to make my own Shugo Chara bookmark. What I remember most from the bookmark is it contained all of the names of the charas, even including one time characters like Snoppe for some reason. Anyway, I used this bookmark avidly for most of my fifth grade and I'm pretty sweet toward it. I really wish I could find it someday for happiness, but I probably still have it somewhere in my binder from fifth grade in my closet.

The second memory from independent reading was I remember every Friday I think it was we were able to bring in our own books. Usually on Monday through Thursday we had to read books in the class, most of which majorly disinterested me as back then not a lot of things interested me too much. Thus every Friday I stole one of my older sister's Shugo Chara manga (which she was fine with!) and read it in class. Oh man, that brings back so many memories, even bittersweet ones. I remember we did a lot of student-teacher conferences for our reading where the teacher took notes about what the student was reading, and I did a few for the manga, the main one I remember was Volume 5. I still have those notes around somewhere, they're also in that binder, and I may very well put them up here if anyone wants to see them. Anyway, another story I remember is that first off my best friend rode my bus in fifth grade so we would usually sit together, but sometimes when he wasn't here or we just didn't sit together I would sit by myself, and usually read Shugo Chara manga. I even did this in sixth grade when I hated a lot of the kids in my bus but I read the Puchi Puchi manga (Which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me, it's HYSTERICAL) on the bus. Anyway, back to fifth grade. I remember I was reading it once on the bus when some dumb like first grader saw the book and started shouting "HE'S A GIRL" or some shit like that because of the cover, which actually does make me laugh now as much as it did piss me off back then.

Another memory I have, a small one, was i would draw the chara eggs for Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia on the little slips of paper that told you which section was for which subject in school. I remember it as something like Ran for Math, Miki for Writing, Su for Science and Dia for History but I'm probably wrong, but yeah, that was another thing I did.

One that really makes me cringe was right at the start of fifth grade I insisted everyone would call me "The Joker" in reference to Amu's Guardian position. God that makes me cringe thinking about it, but yeah, I really did that. Another thing I remember was when I got angry, which was very often then, I would pretend to character transform, usually with Yoru or Pepe. Man, I was a weird kid in fifth and sixth grade. Oh yeah and seventh but we don't speak of those times.


Anyways that's all I have right now! I will be sure to return with another installment of Shugo Chara Month probably this weekend.

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