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All of the Squidward crossover fanart I've made and received since 2013

Gutentag lads, I've been wanting to compile up all of the drawings I've made AND received of my Squidward crossovers (it can even be art that was given to me that DOESN'T feature Squidward but features the characters I'm doing said crossover with since I started doing these in 2013. Feel free to name any I've missed, which I hope not. Going through old topics for all of these and from memory. Here we go! Squidward and Keswick (T.U.F.F. Puppy, 2011 - June 2013): 0. Like it deserves Squidward and Wander (Wander Over Yonder, August - December 2013): 20. (most of it being from me, with @Milkmaidman contributing a couple times, and counting Redsoxfan's Wander's cousins thing too. I hope I haven't forgotten anything else besides the thing he sent me days ago on my discord, plus that dark wander image). Squidward and Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes, Summer 2014): 0. (Lol) Squidward and Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball, 2015): 0. (Does this one even count? I don't even know why I ever considered it an official one when I just mentioned it a couple times via sbm and with Kaiju, who made a joke edit of it). Squidward and Ice Bear (We Bare Bears, July 2015 - January 2016): 41. (Took a while but I think that's all there was.) Squidward and Mr. Cat (Kaeloo, 2016): 1. (I'm just gonna count it since I was into Kaeloo at the time and considered it, plus Loopers drew me something for it). Squidward and Bunnicula (February - June 2016, January - May 2018): 17. Squidward and Sir Dudley Ding Dong (mistake of a show, February - June 2017): 49. (I WANT TO GET OFF THE RIDE I'm so sorry I did this everyone) Squidward and Maurizio & Jacob (Wunschpunsch, May 2018 - Present): 90! ~~doesn't know what else to say except that Squnschpunsch is best and I'm blessed to see it have this much art from me and you guys~~

Haul #3: Mall shopping!

Went to Grossmont center in La Mesa, checked out the Target for the first time, it was a weird one tbh. The DVD section was quiet af because it's away from the other electronics where the tvs are playing, making it feel eerie af, same with the video games. The stock was kind of bad imo. Toy section was fine, it had Tsum Tsum series 12 at least, only the mystery packs though. There's also a 90th anniversary Mickey set with exclusive figures but I plan on getting that once my birthday comes (like the day after). I went to Barnes and Noble next to pick up the last issue of SpongeBob Comics from Bongo, issue #85. Pretty sure the stories will be mediocre and cliche as usual. Lol. Good art though! and finally, went to the greatest store ever, Walmart, quiet as usual!!  No one was in the way at all or anything, bought some more SpongeBob Memes Mashems because I NEED DABBING SQUIDWARD WHY MUST HE BE THE RARE ONE?! no luck on that sadly so all and all a good fun mall trip. I also saw Monopoly Fortnite, MONOPOLY RUGRATS, and MONOPOLY REN AND STIMPY. The last two I dodnt even know fucking existed until seeing it today at the comic store. They sure do make monopoly for everything now don't  they??? TARGET: 4 Tsum Tsum Series 12 Mystery Packs BARNES AND NOBLE: SpongeBob Comics #85 WALMART: 4 SpongeBob Meme Mashems 

Walmart Haul

I was looking for Bunnicula Season 1. No luck, their DVD section is a mess and I looked at every single shelf. It wasn't a total loss though. I found the godly SpongeBob Meme Mashem's. Sadly none of them were the Dabbing Squidward's (I got the Krabs meme, Surprise Patrick's, and Spongegar). The Walmart I went to had three full cases of them so better luck next time.

Stuff I got at Target today

I'm bored, so why not start a new blog with this boring blog of what I got at Target today while at the mall. I went full on Maurizio this time folks. stuff shown here: - 6 pack of Tropicana orange juice cartons - Milano double dark chocolate cookies - Ben swolo cheez-its  - handi-snacks oreo   im going to die after eating all of this   also at target I saw Teen Titans Go hot wheels and at GameStop I saw Small Foot Pop figures.