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Captain Spongetron

So, last night @crushingmayhem told me he would like it if I colored his sharkpony OC. I agreed, seeing how this was a good excuse to draw his OC again. I made him have a cartoonish look by outlining him in black. I hope you like it crush ^^


As a bonus, I decided to draw him with his country's flag, because I thought it would look cute :3


I really hope you like these, because after all, it's free art from me ^_^ 

Captain Spongetron

I wasn't satisfied with my first drawing of @crushingmayhem's pony, so I restarted. I made him a new species and basically redrew the whole thing. Here's what it looks like:


I made him a shark pony! Why? Because I thought they were cute and I've always wanted to draw one, so I decided why not? Plus I think it matches him :funny: Hope ya like it Crush! :3