What else should I do?

I know what some of you are thinking. I already have so many things for my blog that I need to get done (The final half of my Top 50 favorite animated music videos list, my top 10 P&F songs list, review Seasons 4-10 of FOP, and actually get started with my revision of the top 60 songs in animation that I did back in 2014). I'm not going to try and clutter my schedule once I add something else that I can do for my blog. I could use some participation for my poll, because I've had a few ideas that I could use for my blog at the back of my head, but I want to focus on just one for now so that my blog doesn't get too cluttered with material that I plan to cover. Whatever choice ends up with the most appeal, I'll run away with it. In addition, all these ideas of mine will be done on a monthly basis: Album reviews: I've said it before that I was going to keep doing music reviews for my blog, and for quite some time, I've had the thought of doing reviews of full albums. I do have a generous amount of selections for what albums I'd like to review, so if you have the patience to wait each month for an album review from me, I'd go ahead with this choice. To give you guys a good idea what I would review, here's a shortlist of albums that I've seen a lot of reviewing material in. In other words, if this idea pulls through, expect me to review most of these albums by this year: Parklife - Blur
Witness - Katy Perry
Sucker - Charli XCX
The Human Condition - Jon Bellion
The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Come on Over - Shania Twain
Montevallo - Sam Hunt
America - Thirty Seconds to Mars
(Also, depending on whether or not you would mind seeing me vent on "Nine Track Mind" or "The Click" by talking about them more in-depth, I'll throw in a review for each of those albums. ) Depending on how much time I'll eventually fathom to review albums, I might pick up the pace and do them on a less than monthly basis.
The Abandoned 2000s: Please keep in mind that the title is still a work in progress. The main premise of this review series (that I assure you won't last very long) is that I'll touch upon animated series from the 2000s that time forgot but I just so happen to have a good amount of knowledge on. I'm not talking about the shows that people want to forget or think should be forgotten (i.e. Out of Jimmy's Head and Fanboy and Chum Chum), I'm talking about the type of shows that are left under the radar for most people...or in simpler words, 2000s animated shows that people just don't seem to talk about anymore. If you'd really like to see me try and do a "One Hit Wonderland" or "Trainwreckords" type of variety review series, then I suggest voting for this. More top 10 lists: If you guys want to know what episodes of Gravity Falls, Stéven Universe, etc. I would highly recommend, then I would suggest voting for this. I'll also expand this to some of my other interests, may it be music-related or video game-related. Like with option #1, I'll try and pick up my pace with the frequency of these type of reviews if I eventually have more time to kill to do them.
So please make it easier for me to choose by voting for any of those three options, and whichever one reigns supreme, the first review you'll see of its kind will be posted first thing this month. Also, if anyone is wondering when my next FOP review will come out, don't worry. The Season 4 review won't actually start with the first episode from the season, rather it will start with a separate review of Channel Chasers. Consider that as a way to save myself some time and to save myself some trouble so that the S4 review won't be too lengthy. I've been planning to make this week my time to write up my review for the television special, so expect it to turn up before next week and I'll be able to resume my FOP reviewing series then.

Steel Sponge

Steel Sponge


Revisiting Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

...yes, revisiting. I grew up with the N64, and this was one of the few games we had for it. For those of you who've never played Rogue Squadron, it's a game I highly recommend for being both fun and challenging. After not having a 64 for years, I decided to download the PC port, Rogue Squadron 3D, from GOG. Then, on my very first run (with an unlock all levels cheat), I got a gold medal. Talk about luck.    




How did it Feel: Walking through Cincinnati Mills

It Felt Definitely Surreal, and the Mall was Bigger than how i originally saw it on the internet. It was Hot, The only Places AC Was on was Outside the Arcade, the Parking Garage and the Remaining Anchors. No Music was Playing too, which felt Creepy over by Bass Pro.   Extremely Surreal, but i absolutely still Recommend it.




Rite Aid Officially Closed in My Town

The Liquidation Sale Ended too Early, so i just went to Walgreens and Bought a Disposable Camera for a trip i'm gonna do in a few days. Kinda Sad, i went there from Time to Time Ever Since they were Eckerd. Might start doing a Blog Series during my Trip Soon, stay Tuned.




First thing you know, I'll be back in Mexico again

So, to coincidence with the ending of our Third Renaissance, I got some pretty cool news today: my family and I will be going on another cruise to Cozumel, Mexico in less than a year. And hot damn, I'm getting all nostalgic about it already! See, I've been on two of these before, once in November 2010, and again in February 2012. I can still recount details of the latter quite vividly, since it was a unique trip that I still have a few videos of to this day. (In fact, during my late 2012 return to SBC, I found the SD card that I recorded all of said videos on.) We had an incident where everyone's luggage got ruined (long story), got to have a stay until night time in Cozumel and almost sweat to death there in the middle of February, and more. I know that, to a lot of you, hearing me just ramble about this stuff is uninteresting (looking at you, salad). That's why I won't do it. Instead, I'm looking forward to, well, vlogging this trip when it happens. It'll be this upcoming May. The next year couldn't go by any quicker, if you ask me.

(half assed 2 and 3/3) sbl's middle to high transition long ass blog story extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

the final conclusion (which is LONG overdue) Overall, I believe that this will be a nice last middle/junior high school year. Also, here is a rundown of what these parts will be about: - Part 1 (this part) - Before school outlook/predictions - Part 2 - 1st to 2nd semester switch, a look back on the 1st, and a new outlook for the 2nd - Part 3 - Last day and Grade 8 graduation   So yeah. This is my big blog story adventure. Hopefully I will remember to do it on these days. I'm gone. PYEASE lol I didn't Aaannyways, welcome to the half-assed part 2 (and 3) of sbl's middle to high transition long ass blog story extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! In this congealed mess of a blog post, I'm going to just briefly get my predictions done, and talk about the year a bit.   Starting off with predictions: - I will stay the the way I am in terms of friends but may gain more. - I'll be more appreciated (I mean...I hope) - Something major will happen (probably with those sketchy kids)   aaaaaaaand i was wrong with these ones (except kinda maybe sort of with the last one) Firstly, I didn't stay the same lmao. I gained a lot of new friends (as we were all at the same table in math for the majority of the year), and got an eenie bit popular with some other kids. Second, I got more appreciation (more in the 2nd semester). And lastly, something major................................🥁..............didn't really happen 😮. Some incident while I was on the bus happened, when kids were just annoying the fuck out of the bus driver and being delinquent garbage. But, that's pretty much it! Now, on to year overview and lookback! So, the switch of semesters was....nothing really. I started to gain more friends and feel more happy (i mean, why wouldn't i, half of the year is done). I learned a lot AND I got my best average so far (which is 86.3%). The last day of school (which was actually just graduation) was really good (apart from me dying of heat and sweating buckets because it was like 33 out and we were all packed in a hot cafeteria with a bunch of people). We had a reception after which was fun! We just danced and dicked around. But then, sadly, we all had to go, as our time as grade 8s had ended. We were transitioning into our new lives.   I'll miss every grade 8 at my school, no matter what.   BUT NOW, GET READY FOR YOUR SECOND FEATURE! GRADE 9! 😮  😮  😮 !!!!!! FEATURING: EMOTIONAL PAIN! PHYSICAL PAIN! GOD DAMN IT WHY CAN'T IT ALL END RIGHT HERE PAIN! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS!   JOIN ME, SEPTEMBER 2018, AS I ENTER A NEW LIFE AS A NEW PERSON IN A NEW WORLD   COMING SOON TO VIDEO AND DVD COMING SOON TO THEATRES!               *coughs* Um...anyways...that was the finale of my middle to high transition long ass blog story extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hope you enjoyed it (you probably didn't care). See ya next time!




My Top 10 Favorite Fila Brazillia songs

You've heard me talk about these guys for a month now. I gave their discography a try at the end of last month when I remembered the remix they did of DJ Food's "Freedom" (which I like). They're one of my favorite electronic acts next to Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. They released 10 albums which had a number of songs that I love. Even my least favorite album, The Life and Times of Phoebus Brumal has a song I enjoy from there. Anyway, here are my top 10 favorite songs from Fila Brazillia. Honorable Mentions go to: - Soft Music Under the Stars (Mess, 1996) - Here Comes Pissy Willy (Power Clown, 1998) - Curveball From The 21st Century (Dicks, 2004) - The Great Attractor (Dicks, 2004) - Little Dipper (Black Market Gardening, 1996) - A Zed and Two L's (Maim That Tune, 1995) - The New Cannonball (Power Clown, 1998) Thanks for reading this list. I suck at making lists but I hope you enjoyed it haha

Top Ten Total Drama: World Tour Songs

In celebration of the ten year anniversary of Total Drama World Tour, and of me (alongside @Hayden, @DarknessDG, and @Cha♡) binging all 146 episodes of the series, I've decided to take a look at my personal top ten favorite songs of the season alongside some honorable mentions. Let's get started!   




Top 50 Animated Music Videos #50-#26

Top 50 animated music videos. I already gave an introduction and there’s nothing else I can add to it, so let’s get to my list:   Steel’s Top 50 Animated Music Videos  
Time for the first interlude of the review: here are five animated music videos that missed the cut, but are worth mentioning:
  Now let’s get to the final set of honorable mentions for this segment of the review before moving on…: …and that wraps up the first half of my list. Sooner or later, I’ll have the upper second half out of the way.

New Name and a New Mall!

Hi All, We're proud to announce that ZCD Malls is Officially Connexion Malls Now! And to Celebrate, we are adding one more Mall to our Portfolio.... It's Ukelele Bottom Mall! Welcome Ukelele Bottom Mall to the Connexion Malls Family! The Mall was originally failing to grab attention despite the fact it was in a popular town and it had already had 1 Anchor Space filled, But now we're here and we're attracting new retailers to the Mall to Re-Vitalize it. COMING SOON:
- FYE -GANDER OUTDOORS -MANY OTHER RETAILERS   Happy Shopping! -Connexion Malls Team




Top 50 Animated Music Videos (INTRODUCTION)

I now have some free time on my hands after finishing up with my past few music reviews on this blog, which means that I can get one of my planned projects underway. Then again, this took a while mainly because I didn't actually finish forming my list beforehand, forming it ended up being quite a long process. There was just so many good animated music videos that I had to cut from my list proper. It has gotten to the point where I decided to create a long list of animated music videos that I couldn't keep on my top 50 but had a very close match nonetheless. As you guys can tell, I've had to watch a lot of animated music videos, and I mean A LOT. So, what you guys are going to see of my final list is a list that'll still be subject to change. The review is going to be split into three parts: the first 25 with 10 honorable mentions and then the last 25 with the 11 last honorable mentions to the videos that didn't make my cut, and this just the topic to get you guys started. I'll post the first part of the review on Sunday or Monday. As a way of getting things started, here's a short list of things to expect from my list proper: -The following singers/groups have more than one video on my list: Gorillaz (6)
Coldplay (2)
Darlingside (2)
Weird Al Yankovic (2)

-The most recent video on my list is from 2017.
-The oldest video on my list is from 1985.
-Animated music films do not count. Consider all of Interstella 5555 as my #0. -Lastly, below are 61 songs/music videos that I've long-listed, but do not appear on my top 50. Of all 61 of these songs, 21 of them are my honorable mentions:  

Stuff I plan on listening to on RateYourMusic

lol the food reviews from 2016 never got posted here. rip  Hey all, some of you probably know that I have a RateYourMusic account... a site where you can rate albums and singles from tons of artists, well known and even lesser known. I discovered some good artists here and there thanks to friends such as @Burgerpants (with Amon Tobin and Coldcut) and out of curiosity myself (Fila Brazillia). It's a fun site!  Anyway, here's a list of albums I plan on checking out during the summer or so. If you want to recommend me anything to give a listen, feel free to!  Stuff I Plan on listening to (in no particular order): - Gorillaz - Self-Titled (2001) - Gorillaz - Demon Days (2005) - Fila Brazillia - Brazilification (Remixes 95 - 99) (1999) - Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (2007) - Fall Out Boy - Folie à deux (2008) - Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll (2013) - Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works (85 - 92) (1992) - Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II (1994) - Ween - God Ween Satan: The Oneness (1990) - Prefuse 73's other records, plus their new album Sacrifices (2005 - June 15th, 2018) - Brokencyde - 0 to Brokencyde (June 22nd, 2018)   STUFF IN LIST THAT I LISTENED TO (WILL UPDATE): - Temples - Sun Structures (2014, 3/5 Stars) - Panic! At the Disco - Pretty. Odd. (2008, 3/5 Stars) - Temples - Volcano (2017, 2/5 Stars) - Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon voyage (2018, 2.5/5 Stars) - Panic! At the Disco - Pray For the Wicked (2018, 1/5 Stars) - Gorillaz - The Now Now (2018, 3/5 Stars)

Spring 2018 Latin Songs Top 20 ranked

Wow, I sure am in a music reviewing mood this month. Just a week ago, I reviewed the year-end lists for 2012 and 2013. A few days ago, I doubled down on the top 20 Alternative hit songs of that week, and now I have to review the top 20 Latin songs of this week, as per requested by @More as overlord. I have to say that I was not expecting More in wanting to challenge me as a music critic while this kind of request isn’t coming from Clappy, Wumbo, Burgerpants, or any other music fan on this website. So, let’s talk about a genre on the Billboard charts that now has a growing market on the general pop charts: Latin music. Latin pop, reggaeton, bachata, Regional Mexican music, you name it. I knew from the start that talking about these 20 songs isn’t going to be easy, but like I should say, it is part of the request that More offered for me. The most basic excuse I have towards why it’s hard for me to get into Latin music is that I don’t speak or read the language(s) of Latin music, but because I don’t understand the language of a foreign genre doesn’t mean that I’ll be unable to enjoy any song from the particular style of music. Take another foreign genre of music for example: K-Pop, which has some of the most devoted fans on this website. In fact, there are a lot of Latin gems from past years: “Smooth,” “Maria Maria,” heck, anything else from Santana, “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” “La Tortura,” “Bailamos,” “No Me Queda Mas…” and that’s pretty much it (there’s also a good chunk of songs by Javeria Mena if we’re talking gems from this current decade). I’m not so much of an open book on Latin music, but good songs like those prove its significance. In the end of forming my list, ranking the songs and evaluating them didn’t turn out to be hard. However, I was already feeling desperate to look up translated lyrics so I could give each song some good enough insight. So, what musical artists did I have to work with in my rankings? We’ll find out soon enough. Time for round three of my music reviews…   Spring 2018 Top 20 Latin Songs Ranked
Week of: 06/02/2018                                  

My Alternative Songs Thing (Covering new songs from 12/9/17 to 12/31/17)

(12/9/17) Best Friend - Sofi Tukker ft. NERVO, The Knocks and Alisa Ueno     You know, this would usually be enough features to form a group over? That might be a good idea? I am dearly sorry Prez, but in spite of what you said earlier about this, I actually dig this. This sounds like the actual electronic meets alternative song I've wanted since entry #3! I mean, I don't have much to say about it, but it jams Stuck - The Aces   This pretty much is the sound of the bubbling under block at 11 PM on Sundays. There's a reason that's my favorite hour of the station. Broken - lovelytheband   You know, I'd like it if this band just continued that tradition and called this brokenthesong. That would also literally be the only thing I would like about this, the rest is fucking ASS Who let this guy sing? Why am I supposed to think his story is supposed to be meaningful? Who listened to this chorus, and thought that it was bearable? Why is this topping the charts? Why right now? Is this gonna break out onto pop stations? [looks up wikipedia article] [there is no wikipedia article for the song] lmao (12/16/17) We Fight - Dashboard Confessional   Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons Oh boy, it's another slice from those avacado and peanut butter pizza connoisseurs! I have my popcorn well prepared. ... the cost of this not being anywhere near as bad as Believer and Thunder, I can't really write much about this. Hey look, I can rap! I can spit fire on how anti-corporate I am! [licenses song to sports reels/trailers/commercials] It almost approaches being almost a certain breed of okay-good, but... it's still Imagine Dragons.  Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet so i didn't even realize this wasn't a led zeppelin deep cut that the other rock station in my area played occasionally until i started this thing?????? anyway, uh, this wannabe fake dadrock jr is wannabe fake dadrock jr i'm not very pleased at this (12/24/17) Creature Comfort - Arcade Fire &Run - Sir Sly eh heh heh heh yeah, that alone saves this song from a lower extremity but I actually do dig this much more than High. videogame percussion does that to me (12/31/17) Astronaut (Something About Your Love) - Mansionair   A little downtempo number on this chart? Nevermind what I previously said about that ODESZA song, that one grew on me a bit after I finished that entry. This is good too! I'm not surprised this didn't get very high, though, this would be a hard sell So it looks like alternative music is good again! ....wait NONONONONONONONONONO Los Ageless - St. Vincent   ...oh. I don't know what exactly Annie's doing on this chart, but I'm happy I'll at least end the year on a positive note, so there's that. yeh did a good job on this, thanks Anyway, I'll get my favorites from this year right out of the way, because... I'll be upfront, I don't have a lot of patience to either compile or even look at a lot of top 10's. A Bottom 10 is coming tho! ...when I have the time?  

Spring 2018 Alternative Songs Top 20 ranked

… … …You know, the Alternative Songs chart is not looking so good right now. Yes, as much as I didn’t want to admit it and after a few times that I came to the defense of some hit Alternative songs from last year, I think the Alt charts are experiencing a serious drought as of current. That is why I decided to cave into doing a review of the Alternative top 20 after the thought of doing a review for that has been in the back of my head for a while. There are a variety of reasons why I decided to review this week’s Alternative top 20: one reason is because I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on certain songs, but I also want to make a huge point across, which has to do with the chart’s current trends: the Alternative Songs chart has went from being predominantly rock to nearly being predominantly pop. It’s gotten to the point where names like AJR, Alice Merton, and lovelytheband are also receiving #1’s on that chart. I don’t think that’s entirely a bad thing because keep in mind, alternative is not a genre that only applies to rock music. Yes, the Alternative Songs chart used to be called Modern Rock Tracks, but for a reason, the name of the chart has changed. Slowly after each year since the mid-2000s, the Alt charts are becoming more and more diverse in styles. Contrary to what you guys may think, I don’t think this week’s chart looks as bad as any week that is way back from 2000-2003 or 2008 and I don’t want to have to pull out a page from those years unless you really want for me to prove my stance. There are genuinely good indie pop songs as there are also bad ones. However, most of the mediocre or bad ones are merely just first impressions. Indie rock is also assorted with either good, mediocre, or bad songs that are on the chart. Take “Going to Mars” by Judah & The Lion for example. The song is apparently so bad that it just fell off the chart this week. Considering that it was at #24 the previous week, it’s an understatement to say that it fell hard. There are a lot of other songs that I know you guys would like to see me talk about, like “Best Friend,” which dropped off the chart not too long ago, but my commentary is limited to the top 20…along with some bonus songs at the end. However, if you have any questions about any charting Alt song that I didn’t cover, then feel free to ask for my thoughts on one or more. Feedback towards my rankings is also well-appreciated.   Spring 2018 Alternative Songs Top 20 Ranked Week of: 05/26/2018                               And now, here’s some bonus commentary on five specific songs below the top 20 that I recommend listening to:         Oh, and that Truth or Square defensive rant is still on its way. I finished this review yesterday, but I decided to upload it today, just so you all know.

Steel's 10 Best/Worst Hit Songs of 2012 & 2013

Steel’s Bottom/Top 10 Hit Songs of 2012
  You know, for a pretty iconic year in pop, I can’t adore this year more than I should. The good stuff that year was really spectacular, but…the bad stuff that year was also really, really bad. And I’m not saying this just towards the year-end list, I’m also saying this towards every other notable song that charted during the 2012 chart season. For every gem like “Midnight City,” “Dark Side,” “Lonely Boy,” “No Church in the Wild,” “Thinkin’ ‘Bout You,” “Love on Top,” “Safe & Sound,” and “Skyfall,” you also have trash like “Sorry for Party Rocking,” “The Hardest Ever,” “Faded,” “Turn on the Lights,” “Princess of China,” “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” that disappointing comeback single from No Doubt, and “Truck Yeah…” by Tim McGraw. Back on the topic of the year-end list, one thing I should say is expect some hot takes as I go through my choices for the best and worst hits from that list.   Worst:
              Dishonorable Mentions: Boyfriend – Justin Bieber (#11)
Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO (Backwash dishonorable mention)
We Found Love – Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris (Backwash dishonorable mention)
Drank in My Cup – Kirko Bangz
Brokenhearted – Karmin
The Motto – Drake featuring Lil Wayne
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – P!nk
Wanted – Hunter Hayes
Back in Time – Pitbull
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
Honorable Mentions: Work Out – J. Cole (#11)
Rolling in the Deep – Adele (Backwash honorable mention)
Die Young – Kesha
So Good – B.o.B.
Paradise – Coldplay
Mercy – G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz)
Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez & The Scene
Glad You Came – The Wanted
We Are Young – fun. Featuring Janelle Monae
Set Fire to the Rain – Adele
Steel’s Bottom/Top 10 Hit Songs of 2012
Now that we’ve moved onto the year 2013 in pop, let’s break down every other year from this decade that I’ve covered, including this particular year. So, where does 2013 end up? 1. 2013 2. 2015 3. 2017 4. 2011 5. 2012 6. 2010 7. 2016 8. 2014 Yep, right at the top. Clearly enough, there’s a lot of good things I could say about 2013 in pop music, but before I get to that, I’m going to compare notes with every other pop year I’ve covered. The year-end list for 2014 sucked, with a vast scarcity of excellent pop songs. 2016 had a lot of bad stuff this year which was made it interesting compared to 2014, and it’s such a pity that it came before 2015, a year in which proved to be a major step-up. 2010: a little over the same level of quality as 2016. 2012: A strangely iconic year with a great amount of both good and bad hits. 2011: An immense disparity in its level of quality compared to 2010. 2017 was pop at its most diverse so far into this decade, whilst being provided with a lot of gems. 2015 was a major step-up from the lackluster year that it succeeded. However, it leaves a deep scar when it comes to songs like “Dear Future Husband,” “Watch Me,” and…”Marvin Gaye.” My rankings are very much like the typical Star Trek movie rankings, except it’s odd over even in this case. Some of you folks probably feel baffled that I consider 2013’s year-end list to be the best out of what we got so far into the decade. However, my appreciation towards this year in pop has to do with the fact that it’s a great year musically. 2013’s year-end list is just scratching the surface when it comes to brilliant music that came out that year. We got great albums from names including and not limited to Queens of the Stone Age, CHVRCHES, Daft Punk, The National, Janelle Monae, Arcade Fire (…speaking to those who are a bigger fan of this act much more than I am), and to a lesser extent, Kanye West. Another good way to describe 2013 in music is that it’s a year that’s so good, My Bloody Valentine came back to release a new album after 22 years. 2013’s year-end list is full of great pop songs and it’s gotten to the point where I decided to extend my list of ten honorable mentions into a list of twenty. Of course, I’ll have to talk about the B.O. from that year first. Why I ranked 2013 over 2015 is mainly because most of these songs are boring bad than irritatingly bad, so my #1 will be my most docile choice compared to my other number one worst crowners. Anyways, bottom 10 hit songs of 2013, let’s go:   Worst:                 Dishonorable mentions: Cruise (remix) – Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly (#11)
#thatpower – featuring Justin Bieber
One More Night – Maroon 5 (Backwash dishonorable mention)
Harlem Shake – Baauer
Pour It Up – Rihanna
Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) – Ylvis
Let Her Go – Passenger
Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
I’m Different – 2 Chainz   Best:         Honorable mentions: Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz (#11)
Adorn – Miguel (Backwash honorable mention)
Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
The Way – Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller
Try – P!nk
Treasure – Bruno Mars
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em’ Up) – Fall Out Boy
A-Team – Ed Sheeran
Carry On – fun.
Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker
It’s Time – Imagine Dragons (Backwash honorable mention)
22 – Taylor Swift
Some Nights – fun. (Backwash honorable mention)
Fuckin Problems – A$AP Rocky featuring Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar
Berzerk – Eminem
Die Young – Kesha (Backwash honorable mention)
Body Party – Ciara
Power Trip – J. Cole featuring Miguel
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Highway Don’t Care – Tim McGraw featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban
I won't be planning on doing any more year-end Hot 100 reviews sooner or later, but except some more music-related reviews from me.

Why I Like Wendy

Okay, this is something I'm sure most (if not all) of you have been wondering about ever since I got on my new kick: why exactly do I love that good little witch Wendy so much? Why do I care so much about this somewhat obscure comic book character who's suffered from underexposure for quite some time, and whose best friend has been the one getting all the attention? I was asked this once, and I answered "because she's cute". But, as you might imagine, there's a lot more to why I like this character, even though her fashion sense is confusing to this 16-year old comic geek's eyes (still can't figure out if that's supposed to be a hood or a hat she always wears!), and in this post, I will give you several reasons why.  1. Her and Casper: the quintessential best friends in my honest opinion. I've always considered Casper and Wendy to be the ultimate best friends, in any media, ever. Never have I seen a "with friends like these, who needs enemies?" moment from them, much unlike Drake and Josh, who had a huge amount of those over the span of 4 seasons, although they still had a decent amount of "hug me, brotha!" going on. Wendy and Casper, however, you never see any of that going on with them. Think about it: they're pretty much made for each other, as they both have a desire to go good, much to the eternal chagrin of their guardians, who want 'em to act like the stereotypical ghost or witch (try all they might, but it's never gonna happen- permanently, that is!!), and it helps that they don't have a little sister obsessed with pranking them day in/day out, either. 2.  You gotta admire how she uses her magic. I've always admired the way ol' Wendy uses her magic for good, instead of evil. Instead of turning helpless whatever into a frog, simply for the heck of it, she's busy using the powers of her magic wand to help others. Seriously, I often envy the things she does with magic, nuff said. (Plus, don't we all wish we could just poof our way or fly a broom from point A to point B?) 3. She's just so darn cute. Even though her fashion sense is confusing (as I previously mentioned), I still find Wendy to be utterly irresistable. Literally everything about her screams "cute": her big blue eyes, her beautiful blonde hair (even though you never see most of it due to her hood... hat... thingy being worn over it), even her little nose. Never have I seen a cartoon character cuter than Wendy, ever. So, there you have it, folks, why I like Wendy so much. I'd write more, but I gotta go shortly. 'bye!  

Fred Riffs: A Harvey Beaks rant

Yeah, yeah, I know I promised a review of "That '80s Show", but I can't even review that because of how middle-of-the-road and.........bland it was. Really, I would've been saying the same thing about all the episodes of the show. "The characters are uninteresting and the show only relies on the '80s for its jokes." There, that's my fucking review of that show.   Instead, I might take on a new project where I riff terrible blog entries (that aren't on this site, of course). This one comes from a banned SBM member, a member infamous for his harsh animation reviews. Maybe I will tackle some more of those reviews in the future (His "ghetto" Dad's Dungeon review is legit cringey) but for now, let's get started with his review of Harvey Beaks. Riffs are in bold.