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    Unpopular Opinions You Have About SpongeBob Episodes

    By Clappy,
    Share them here:   For example, I am one of the few people who loathes The Smoking Peanut.  I wouldn't say it's one of my least favorites of all time, but it's definitely my least favorite pre-movie episode.  Yeah it has some funny lines, but more often than not, I feel the episode drags heavily.

    Unpopular opinions you have

    By E.V.I.L.,
    No, I don't mean serious crap like politics. Just opinions that the general society disagrees with. it doesn't have to be about SpongeBob either. I like cold weather. I prefer our local Taughannock Falls to the now butchered Niagra Falls. I think it is perfectly acceptable to have crushes on cartoon characters.

    Grade Poll

    By Sweat,
    Okay I'm actually really curious. As of right now, what grade in school are you, or if you've graduated recently, what grade would you have been in a month ago?

    SpongeBob Magazine thinks it's meant to be

    President Squidward
    By President Squidward,

    DoodleBob To Return?

    By jjsthekid,
    So, CDCB and I were looking through the US Copyright Office, and we came across something interesting.. We found a file that said "2012 DoodleBob Guide" - it's basically an animation style guide on how to draw DoodleBob. If you have no idea what an Animation Style Guide is, shows like Adventure Time use them as like Model Sheets for scenes or characters, so thus this means the crew might be working on a new episode with DoodleBob (it was registered in July 2012..I doubt that would be f

    Spongebob T-Shirt

    By deanlord,
    Hey everyone. Thanks for the lovely comments on my design I posted last week. If anyone wants to buy a t-shirt with the design on, TeeFury.com is selling it for only $12! This will only be sold today so don't miss out ^____^   

    Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated Announced

    By jjsthekid,
    After over a year of speculation, it's official: We're getting a remaster of Battle for Bikini Bottom:   Game is set for a 2020 release. No further information available right now. View full article

    The greatest SpongeBob merch ever

    President Squidward
    By President Squidward,
    Post the most epic SpongeBob merch you know of here, both new and old. Saw these at Target last night. I legit want the Squidward one lmao proud

    How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    By Karen,
    Just tell us how you're feeling and why. Meh.. I feel bored. I didn't really do anything today except stay home.

    SpongeComs (commentary tracks for every episode)

    By EmployeeAMillion,
    On May 1st, the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob’s sneak peak premiere after the ‘99 Kids Choice Awards, I made a commentary track for the 3 misadventures that started it all, offering how I feel about them, and all the history leading up to them, as well as the history they made. I plan to do this for every episode as they turn 20, to compensate for SpongeBob’s official commentary tracks being minimal (and from what I’ve heard, very boring). I’ve got a good feeling about this venture, since this f

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