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    • I’m actually liking the graphics and I think the camera angle is a bit reminiscent of the original game.  The thing that bothers me the most about this pre-alpha footage is such an unimportant detail I loved massively in the original. You know how in the original game, when you destroy a robot or the tikis, you see the damaged pieces fly everywhere off the stages and then slowly disappearing? I always loved seeing where it would go from far away, and in this pre-alpha version, they get rid of it by making the pieces disappear immediately after you destroy a robot or tiki. I hope it’s not like that in the final product. It’s one of those details I found fun as a kid (another one being the tartar robot seeing you, so you move away and it shoots the tartar sauce from a far away spot and you see it about to fall down on you from the sky... it was so cool to see as a kid).  
    • haha sweet, have fun dude!
    • Omg one of my frienfs has been in camljs since saturday anennever told me LOL so me and her are hanging 2day?
    • Some scattered thoughts: -I was honestly expecting "Someone You Loved" to be the #20. I even thought that the singer's debut album being legitimately titled "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent" would've made a lock for that spot. -As for "I Don't Care," it is pretty bad and I'll admit it that I feel like I should hate this one more than I don't, but I can't take this one too seriously because a part me feels that Ed and Beebs are mostly effing around, especially when it comes to the music video. -Call me crazy, but if I were to acknowledge what I felt is one of the worst songs on the top 20 that week, that honor would go to "Hey Look Ma, I Made It," and I'm surely one of the only few people here who thinks it's an absolute trainwreck of a song. -I find it astonishing that Shawn Mendes is greatly improving considering that "Treat You Better" is one of my most hated hit songs of the decade. "If I Can't Have You" is the best of the two, but "Senorita" also comes close that quality for me. -The top three in your rankings plus "Sunflower" and "Talk" are the week's highlights IMO. Although I might be growing tired of "Old Town Road," I can agree that it is genuinely great.
    • I laughed for a second and then seriously thought of it.  You’re so right.

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    By Clapmaster,
    So we can stop being predictable and wishing people a happy birthday in the OT Lounge, I thought we could make a separate thread just to wish people a Happy Birthday. I hope this works and makes the OT Lounge seem a bit more exciting. Anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJS, TALONMALON, and SARA!!

    ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ CG-Animated Prequel Series ‘Kamp Koral’ Greenlighted By Nickelodeon

    By jjsthekid,
    https://deadline.com/2019/06/spongebob-squarepants-cg-animated-prequel-series-kamp-koral-greenlighted-nickelodeon-1202626441/ This is the first of the spin-off series to be announced.

    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 3: It's a Wonderful Sponge Discussion

    Old Man Bran Flakes
    By Old Man Bran Flakes,
    Well, we all saw this coming, didn't we? Seeing how popular Sponge Out of Water was, it was evident that another movie would happen. I hope it turns out good and not just a cash-in on Sponge Out of Water. I don't want to remain too optimistic about this movie and have it end up disappointing for me. Unless the trailers make the movie interesting, I have no plans to watch this movie.

    SpongeBob's 20th Anniversary News Thread

    By imagoofygoober2004,
    https://www.nickandmore.com/2019/02/11/spongebob-best-year-ever/ New news people! According to this article from Nickandmore, we are getting new plots for the show this summer that are pretty cool and weird ideas that has never experimented with before! SpongeBob closes the gap in his teeth and his personality changes, he becomes boss for a day at the Krusty Krab, and somehow Plankton and Karen have a baby! We will also be getting much more merchandise including plushes, vinyl figure

    Season 12 (News & Discussion)

    By jjsthekid,
    Since it's been confirmed Season 12 will start on November 11th, I might as well make this. Here's what we know so far: The first Season 12 episode is called "FarmerBob", which airs November 11th. "Gary and Spot" and "Sandy's Nutty Nieces" are two other known S12 titles. Post any expectations and hopes you have for the season, along with any other pieces of news that come along the way.

    Season 9 Discussion

    By jjsthekid,
    So, we all know Season 8 is coming to its ends soon. 175-178 (along with Demolition Doofus and Face Freeze!) just need to air, and we do know Season 9 is premiering in 2012. Now, Season 7 improved on 6, and 8 improved on 7. 8 has been considered to be one of the best post-movie seasons. Perhaps Season 9 could change that. What would you like to see? Also, yes, Season 9 will have 26 episodes like 6, 7 and 8 did. It will bring the show to 204 episodes, also passing the 200th episode m

    The Movie Discussion

    By tvrepairman,
    Did you like it? Not like? Fav. moments? Discuss it here!

    1999-2005 Air Date Guide (Work in Progress)

    By CDCB,
    For the past several months, TheTideAndSeeker and I have been cooking up a chronological guide to every single time SpongeBob aired on Nickelodeon before Season 4 began. To determine which episode aired on which day, we've gone through old newspaper archives, fan recordings, and some cool top secret sources. While the list will obviously never be 100% complete, it's been a fun venture into the history of the show.  In cases where we have footage of the airing, pictures are hyperlinked. 

    Season 10 Discussion

    Grubby Grouper
    By Grubby Grouper,
    That's right folks, the longest season in SpongeBob history, lasting over three years and counting, is now wrapping up on production and the crew will be starting season 10! Beginning this Monday, giving each episode six months or so to be completed, these episodes will most likely be popping up in spring or summer of 2016.

    Season 11 (News & Discussion)

    By jjsthekid,
    Since Season 10 is nearing its end, I figured it was about time I officially made this. Here's 100% confirmed information on Season 11 thus far: It will have 26 half-hours again. DoodleBob will return in an episode called "Doodle Dimension". Man Ray will return in "Man Ray Returns". Spot will return. Other confirmed titles: "Squid Noir", "Cave Dwelling Sponge", "Teacher's Pest", "Krabby Patty Creature Feature", "No Pictures, Please", "Bunny Hunt", "Stuck on the

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