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    Stephen Hillenburg, friendly local marine biologist turned one of the most lengendary animated television series creators of all time. The single man that brought every one of us members together whether that was from the beginning of the website in 2009 or to you newer members as recent as this year. ALS is a vicious disease and although most of us suspected Mr. Hillenburg to be able to fight it off a bit longer, he at least I really hope he had the chance to be around the people he loved during those critical moments. Without him though, we, his fans wouldn’t have had all these shared laughs over silly and dumb quotes, the passion to create spin-off stories of our own and there would be overall, no SpongeBob SquarePants and the vast amount of other colorful, unique characters he’s created. There would be no Community he is our Community. But Mr. Hillenburg was so much more than the most powerful voice in Nickelodeon’s franchise empire. He was a beloved husband and father, a snorkler, a birdwatcher, a drummer with his fellow drummer son Clay and an overall great guy to be around I’m sure any of his colleagues, friends and family would proclaim. He’s impacted millions if not billions over these years, it’ll be hard to go without him truly as I could say for many fans and people close to him. 
    Mr. Hillenburg, thank you. Thank you for letting us all have glimpse inside your incredibly talented mind. Thank you for the chance you had to make TV a more optimistic, bright and nautical nonsense place. 
    Sincerely yours,
    The SpongeBob Community

    MLG Vanilluxe
    United States:
    Sunday, November 4th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 238B - Karen's Virus: Karen gets a computer virus, and it's up to SpongeBob to get it out of her.
    Sunday, November 4th - 11:15 AM ET/PT - 240B - Girls Night Out: Sandy invites Karen and Mrs. Puff out for a night on the town, so the ladies decide to blow off some steam.
    Sunday, November 11th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 236B - Surf N' Turf: Sandy struggles to build a ship-in-a-bottle before a big contest, so SpongeBob calls in a little extra help. (Note: This episode was already leaked online)
    Sunday, November 11th - 11:15 AM ET/PT - 242A - FarmerBob: SpongeBob and Patrick work a day on Old Man Jenkins' farm, much to his dismay. (Season 12 Premiere!)
    Sunday, November 18th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 241A - Squirrel Jelly: SpongeBob and Patrick have their peaceful day of jellyfishing disturbed by Sandy's competitive nature.
    Sunday, November 18th - 11:15 AM ET/PT - 241B - The String: SpongeBob pulls a loose string from Squidward's shirt that never seems to end.
    Sunday, November 25th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 237 - Goons on the Moon: Sandy takes her "Science Scout" troop on a trip to the moon. In space, no one can hear you NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH!
    "Goons on the Moon" will be the last Season 11 episode to air. "FarmerBob" will be the first Season 12 episode to air.
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    MLG Vanilluxe
    United States:
    Monday, October 22nd - 6:00pm ET/PT - 236B - Surf N' Turf: Sandy struggles to build a ship-in-a-bottle before a big contest, so SpongeBob calls in a little extra help.
    Tuesday, October 23rd - 6:00pm ET/PT - 238A - Appointment TV: The long-lost episode of Mermaid Man is finally showing on TV, but will SpongeBob make it home in time to watch?
    Wednesday, October 24th - 6:00pm ET/PT - 238B - Karen's Virus: Karen gets a computer virus, and it’s up to SpongeBob to get it out of her!
    Thursday, October 25th - 6:00pm ET/PT - 239A - The Grill is Gone: When a gang of kids steals the Krusty Krab’s grill, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs go to extreme lengths to win it back.
    Friday, October 26th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 239B - The Night Patty: SpongeBob helps out the Krusty Krab's night shift crew, but the customers crave something creepier than usual.

    MLG Vanilluxe
    United States:
    Monday, September 24th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 232B - Shopping List: SpongeBob and Sandy have to collect Krabby Patty ingredients, but Plankton follows their every step. (Notice: This episode already aired in Russia and has been floating around online for a bit.)
    Tuesday, September 25th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 235B - Library Cards: When Patrick discovers the pineapple's library, SpongeBob introduces him to the wonderful world of book learning!
    Wednesday, September 26th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 235A - Plankton Paranoia: Plankton hasn't tried to steal the secret formula in a while...and that's making Mr. Krabs nervous!
    Thursday, September 27th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 236B - Call the Cops: Plankton goes to jail, but the secret formula is taken as evidence! SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs plot to get it back.

    MLG Vanilluxe
    United States:
    Notice: The following episodes have already been aired in Russia and floating around online since last week. Seems like Nick caught onto this, hence why they dished out this premiere week at the last second, as this was not planned at all.
    Monday, August 6th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 233A - Whale Watching: Mr. Krabs hires Squidward to babysit Pearl for the night, but she just wants to sneak out to a cool teen party.
    Tuesday, August 7th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 233B - Krusty Kleaners: After spilling a milkshake during a delivery, SpongeBob vows to return and clean the entire building. 
    Wednesday, August 8th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 234A - Patnocchio: Plankton tells Patrick he's his conscience so he can convince the wooden-headed star to steal him a Krabby Patty.
    Thursday, August 9th - 6:00 PM ET/PT - 234B - ChefBob: When Mr. Krabs puts in an open kitchen, SpongeBob gets stage fright and has to invent a new persona.
    Strangely, it seems like Shopping List is not airing in this premiere week despite it being one of the leaked episodes. We'll see what becomes of that, but at least these four are airing sooner than later.

    The new episode will be released very soon, however if you really want a sneak preview, it's guest writer Zeus Cervas has released an early copy showing the final draft of the Storyboard. If you want to avoid spoilers: you should not look as it's a frame-by-frame breakdown of SpongeBob and Sandy collecting Krabby Patty ingredients before it's too late... when Plankton tries to reverse engineer the recipe from them!

    MLG Vanilluxe
    United States:
    Monday, May 7th - 7:00 PM ET/PT - 223A - Sanitation Insanity: Mr. Krabs gets in trouble for littering, so he makes SpongeBob and Squidward clean up Bikini Bottom.
    Tuesday, May 8th - 7:00 PM ET/PT - 231A - My Leg!: Once Fred's leg heals up, SpongeBob is determined to keep it out of harm's way.
    Wednesday May 9th - 7:00 PM ET/PT - 231B - Ink Lemonade: Patrick's lemonade stand is unsuccessful until he gets a secret ingredient from Squidward.
    Thursday, May 10th - 7:00 PM ET/PT - 232A - Mustard O'Mine: When the Krusty Krab runs out of mustard, Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward to dig up some more.
    Credit to CDCB for alerting me of this.

    Friday, April 6th -6:30 PM ET/PT - 230A - High Sea Diving: SpongeBob wants to be the first sponge that dives to the surface of the ocean.
    Friday, April 13th -6:30 PM ET/PT - 230B - Bottle Burglars: SpongeBob and Squidward accidentally let Plankton slip away with the formula, and it is up to them to retrieve it.
    Friday, April 20th -6:30 PM ET/PT - 223A - Sanitation Insanity: Mr. Krabs gets in trouble for littering, so he makes SpongeBob/Squidward clean up Bikini Bottom.
    Friday, April 27th -6:30 PM ET/PT - 231A - My Leg!: Once Fred's leg heals up, SpongeBob is determined to keep it out of harm's way.
    Source: Futoncritic
      The leg saga has legged to this.

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    • There's "snow" way I'll miss this throw.
    • #15 WORST:BUNNY HUNT       I guess right now you thinking that I messed up really bad for putting this masterpiece at the worst list.But let me say one thing,even though I say that there enough material to talk about,I hardly found any choices for the worst side of S11,so I just decided counted 2 episodes that legit guilty pleasure:Pat the Horse and Bunny Hunt.At the end of the day I chose last mentioned ep,because,while PtH was confusing at its own,Bunny Hunt became a meme treasure only because of community.So let’s find out how episode is worked out identically.   First thing that remarkable about episode is the premise.Even though this show having this overly cartoony style in last past years already.This one want to parodying Looney Toons even more.And that actually really  noticeable bya new bunch of slapstick movements in episode(Like Squidward smashed himself with big hammer).And Bunny Wunny himself is a obvious a caricature version of one infamous cartoony bunny.So why episode with so cool ideas does in here?Well...   Looks like episode besides high cartoony standards try to have the same pacing and structure quality as a old cartoons,because episode simply doesn’t bother to make connection with any previous scenes and right after.We can see 3 minutes of wacky adventures of Squidward,then 3 minutes of wacky adventures of Spongebob,then Patrick wanna be on the screen l’II guess,then we again back to Squidward...why we can’t have one particular goal?Neither it can be only Squidward or Spongebob,why it’s should jump over completely new substances every 3 minutes?Sure it’s not the only S11 episode that lack of main goal,but Bunny Hunt takes this to a new level of laziness.   What about humor?Honestly,even before episode because a meme cult I thought that episode has a it’s chunk of gags that I enjoyed.It’s can be just little visual gags like map from some video games,or the whole sequence if Squidward and Bunny Wunny switched with places(To be fair Bunny Squidward was always good).But it’s not means that episode doesn’t have the same count of lame jokes.Some of them just really felt forced and try too hard to be funny(The whole Squidward as a plant scene,joke about bunnies molting really fast,Patrick stuck under Spongebob’s couch)So even unironically this episode is still hit or miss in terms of humor.   Characters doesn’t really acted complicated,but for the most part they are not that bad.I have no issues with Bunny Wunny,I get his motivation to stalk Squidward’s garden cuz he is a stupid wild animal.And Spongebob was nice and saving Bunny Wunny is really felt like he’s good character.But where is episode fails really bad,is that Squidward,god he is so dumped down is episode,most of the things that he did are so dumb for him that just really became questionable and confusing,start with kissing hot meal right from the oven,and ended with just smashed own house with hammer.And I didn’t even say anything about his 24/7 zaniness,I swear the only time zany Squidward been ever funny is Larry the Floor Manager,in the rest he was absolutely unbearable with it(I really glad that S11 drop down this side of Squidward lately).Patrick also here is just exist for the lame jokes,but I’m feel indifferent towards him,at least he’s stupidity didn’t dominated really much.   So what we have?Really crazy,but at the same time objectively mixed episode.Of course I still enjoyed it after so many lulz.But if we look at Bunny Hunt without glasses of memes.It’s not that’s flawless than we thought.I can’t put it lower for the same reason as above.But I guess I’m not only here who think so about episode’s quality if memes made by us(mostly by @Honest Christmas Danger Fan)didn’t ever exist.So I think it’s a fair choice for a worst list.Even if it’s slightly made it.
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